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March 18, 2017: New comments S&P500

BBS Trading Expert is available with the "BAND INDICATORS" DVD! Watch the Youtube BBS video and here is a crude oil trading example

BBS Band Break System trading Sylvain Vervoort


Want to know more about "Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis"?

NinjaTrader formulas.

MetaStock formulas.

MetaTrader formulas.

My YouTube videos.

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Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis

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The STOCATA (Stocks Applied Technical Analysis) website uses technical analysis charting techniques trading the stock market. Look at the right pane to find a stock ticker symbol, a chart, news, fundamental data and historical quotes. Thank you for visiting my website.

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Don't miss my weekly updates for the S&P500 index and the EUR.USD forex pair (EUR.USD on hold for now).



"BAND INDICATORS" Trading strategy DVD with the "Band Break System".

If you have the DVD and want to auto-trade based on the BBS expert system to be used with NinjaTrader®, please let me know. You can have the expert BBS auto-trading system for free. A selection of 20 volatile stocks trading 100 pieces per trade, over a period of the last 5 years, gives a cumulative profit of 350%.

Ground Breaking Band Indicators

My book: "Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis:

Inclusive 2 FREE BONUS DVD courses HERE.

"Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis": Hands-on Rules for Exploiting Candlestick, Indicator, and Money Management Techniques" is my complete trading system "LOCKIT" in a book.

It teaches you step by step how and when to apply specific technical analysis techniques to achieve maximum trading profit. This book is published by "MarketPlace books".

A lot of information is available under the menu item "LOCKIT Trading". Find out more about the LOCKIT application, look at an example, study the complementing techniques, basic technical analysis and money and risk management.

Click HERE to read more

Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis

My STS8 Swing Trading template and Trading Rules.

My 123 Wave Count System

I combine a number of techniques to follow-up the S&P500 broad market index with the menu item "S&P500 Analysis" for a daily chart, a weekly chart and a monthly chart. Here you will also find the used chart template and MetaStock formulas. You can follow during the trading day the S&P500 in real time with the SPY Exchange Traded Fund.

Sylvain Vervoort's publications in "Stocks & Commodities magazine" and HispaTrader

NinjaTrader formulas.

MetaStock formulas.

MetaTrader formulas.

In the "Technical Analysis" Menu item, under sub-menu YouTube Videos you can find all existing training videos.

SATS Experts (Stocks Automatic Trading System)

STOCATA presents an expert trading system called "BBS Band Break" System. Trading was never so easy. Linking BBS to a chart simply tells you when to buy and when to sell. Detailed information can be found under the menu item "Expert Systems".

Basic Technical Analysis

The basic technical analysis menu brings you to basic and special technical analysis techniques as used by myself. You will find information about: basic charting techniques, chart patterns, indicators, candlestick charts, Elliott waves and proprietary indicators. In others you will find information about money and risk management and finally in YouTube videos you will find my learning videos about technical analysis, the easy way to start learning technical analysis.

Stocata Store

Thanks for using the "Stocata Store" with access to my own TradersLibrary corner. Thank you for your support by ordering through this store.

Trading Specials

In Trading Specials I will keep mostly articles about trading techniques or my answers to questions that I received. It is separated in long term trading, swing trading, day trading, FOREX trading, special techniques, My Spanish articles and Interviews. Watch it as it grows, you will see a lot of very interesting articles.

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